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The importance of digital marketing for online businesses

Date: 2018 08 12

If we want to talk about the importance of Digital Marketing for online businesses, it’s about many indicators like Competition, Search engine marketing, Social marketing, Search engine optimization, Market Research, Business growth & visibility, Advertisement, Mobile Devices, Tablets, PCs, New customers, Conversion rate, Time, Data and more.


Important reasons for using digital marketing (DM) in online business with some examples:

1. Digital Marketing is a Fast Approach

Imagine your website just designed recently and let’s suppose that, it’s a good-looking website and has main standards in web design and basic SEO. Now, when you search about your main service or category, do you think you are in which page of google search results? Nowhere! It’ll be continued after months or even one or more years! Maybe you have some visitors in case of sending your website’s link to someone or print it in your business card. You have to work hard in your website’s performance, optimization, images, meta tags, backlinks making, internal link building, content generation for months and years to improve your SEO. That’s very important to do this, but it’s a time-consuming job and doesn’t give you a fast result.

But Imagine after launching your website, you run your first Google Ads campaign for your main service or product; In just about an hour, you can see your website link in first page! It is really a Wow factor in your business. Not you are in the same level with the old or enterprise businesses in google rank positions who work for many years with maybe many employees to be in the first or second page of Google through millions of websites around the world.

2. Digital Marketing Tools Collecting Data for Analysis and Planning

As you use one or more DM tools based on your business strategy, very important data collects. New visitors, recurring visitors, customers, how they manner with your online business (Websites, social medias,.. ), which channel they use more, witch products or services are useless and which one have more potential, are they came through PPC advertising, email marketing or an online magazine ad and much more. Then you can analyse those data during the time and extract your strategies and make important decisions from them.

3. Digital Marketing is General

We could implement DM strategies based on one too many digital and internet-based platforms. Platforms like Websites, Social Medias like Facebook, Instagram, … and tools like Google Ads, Facebook promotions, Instagram promotions, SEO and more. Digital Marketing strategies could use all-digital world power to empower your business based on your brand and business strategies.

4. Digital Marketing is Global

You can use the digital marketing to grow your business in a global world. It’s a border-less. If you want to expand your services and products behind the boarders, the internet is an important platform and you must have a strategy and tools and professional collaborators to implement those work processes. Also you can works in different time zones, currencies, employees and etc.

5. Digital Marketing is Flexible and Fast

As you need transparent and flexible business strategies in real world, and revise and change them over the time; But also you need much power and flexibility on the internet. Difference of languages, currencies, fast data transmitting, fast changes in about every thing, highly competitive environment, etc, All of them needs you to be fast and flexible to change the strategies and then make them work for you. Digital marketing could offer your many powerful tools to do it.

6. Digital Marketing is Cost and Time Benefit

In traditional solutions you have to work hard for many years, and also spend so much money to rich to a higher places in business so you could have many customers and a lot of people know your brand’s name and buy from your products and/or services.

In the era of internet, you can do all above fewer efforts, less time and much lower costs. if you use and implement a good strategy in digital marketing for your business it will be hard to overcome you for your competitors.

Think about that how easy and affordable you could be in the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing and also everywhere in Instagram orFacebook and everybody could see your Ads and knows your name, products and services not even in your city and country but also all around the world. And compare it with 40-60 years before and imagine how hard to have a billboard or market in the main street of a single capital city or having many branches around the country.

7. Digital Marketing is Closer Than Everything to Your Audience

Nowadays, more than 60% of internet surfing is done on mobile systems such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Mainly in the case of mobile phones, almost everybody in the world has a mobile phone that connected to the internet. It has provided businesses with an opportunity to be able to rich faster to their audience than every time before.

8. Digital Marketing Increase The Trust

When your previous customers and clients, make a comment on your posts, in the google map, rate your web site’s products and make comments about you in other website’s forums, when a new visitor come and see those type of testimonials, they could trust in you and it maximize your ROI and conversion rate (CR).

9. Digital Marketing Could Survive Your Business

If you have a tone of visitors but none of them buy from your, you have to exit very soon. Digital Marketing data could help to generate the best strategy for your online business to maximize your conversion rate and makes visitors to clients.

10. Digital Marketing is Accurate

With digital marketing tools, you can precisely decide who could saw you or know who seen you and your Ads. How many people, how old are they, their gender, education, their country and their city, the exact time or their interaction with you, how often they interact with your website and more. You can play with those kinds of statistics to accurate your planning and decision to create an effective business strategy.



We talk about some important point about why Digital Marketing is this much important in the internet world. Everybody is on the internet now, they buy from the internet, they play on the internet, they watch on the internet. Everybody knows that it’s not easy to create an effective business strategy to maximize ROI. But businesses have to use internet with Digital Marketing knowledge, tools and strategies and learn how to improve themselves day after day, and it’s for all of the businesses from startups to whos are in the edge of Growth.

By using our professional web design and onlie store design services, make your online business strong.

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